There are 54 different seahorse species. Their appearance does not necessarily resemble a fish. The head looks more like a horse and the bally looks like a worm. Together with the scrimp fish they belongs to the family of pipefish(syngnathidae). Seahorses are found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters. Reproduction take the males in the hand. The females lay the eggs and inject them during sexual intercourse into the abdomen of the male, where they are fertilized. There are born between 150 and 2000 new
fishes. The development last 10 till 12 days. The smallest seahorse is 13.5mm
(hippocampo denise) and the largest one reach a size of 35 cm (hippocampus abdomihalis and bleekeri).
Here in the caribbean sea we see them specially on our divesite Viva Shallow!

In the Sea