Parrotfish (2 of 2)

Parrotfish (2 of 2)

Is sand actually parrotfish poop?
Parrotfish are one of the most important reef fish, eating algae and keeping the reefs clean. While cleaning the corals and eating the marine plants, they eat corals too, actually up to 75% of their guts is non organic. After they digest all the nutrients, the rest of the “food” gets out as sand. Believe it or not one single adult can “make” up to 1 ton / 2,200 lbs of sand every year! So next time when you come to Bayahibe (or any Caribbean island) and lay down on the beach, you will be actually laying on a fish poop hahaha.
But on a serious note, because of their job, the parrotfish are protected and are banned to catch in Dominican republic and the whole Caribbean. Please do not ask the locals to serve you a parrotfish lunch or dinner at the beaches please, because in the future we might not have enough sand to lay on.

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