Southern Stingrays

Southern Stingrays

Southern Stingray is one of the stingray family you can see in the waters while scuba diving in Bayahibe area. They glide beautifully above the sea grass beds and in the sandy bottoms, looking for their food – soft-bodied creatures like snails, small squids and octopuses, clams and oysters. The same as sharks, the string rays have skeletons made of cartilage, their gills are not on the side as some other underwater creatures, they have them on the bottom of their body. They have openings behind their eyes called spiracles, they use these as their mouth, passing the water through them to the gill chambers. The spiracles are also used to spit the inedible parts of their food. To do that, they open the normally closed spiracles to inhale and while exhaling the inedible fragments go out. The adult males are smaller than females, they grow to about 2 ft / 60 cm in diameter, some females grow up to 5 ft / 2.5 m!
Southern Stingrays are pretty tame a most of the time will ignore the divers around, some of them are curious and can come very close to see who is around. However they have a venomous, saw-like spine on the tail which they use for defense if they feel threatened. When you see them, do not surprise them, always approach them from the front so they can see you, do not chase them, because their sting could be quite painful.

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